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Our supporters give life to this project. So at the outset we wish to thank you for your  great commitment and dedication to Cultural Exchange with China. (CEC) Without your generous assistance at so many levels we simply would not be able to fulfil our specific purpose to the extent that we have.


Our aim is to build bridges between the Catholic Churches of Britain and of The Peoples’ Republic of China.


Thanks and congratulation is due to so many people: our donors without whom we could not support projects in China;  all who pray for the Church of China; the many volunteers who come to our office offering their service for the many administrative tasks we have; the individuals who agreed to go on exposure visits to China and thereby personally meet with members of the Churches there and experience at first hand Chinese culture and society; the many people who warmly welcome and support our Chinese students in Britain, with friendship, with offers of home stay, with long term accommodation during studies; our friends who offer services of spiritual direction and tutorial guidance; those who donate books and magazines for China; those who have given generously of their time to greet our short term guests from China - these encounters are more than just casual meetings for our guests, they are an opportunity to be directly in communion with the universal Church and are treasured dearly by our guests.


Our financial income is vital for our mission. We extend our sincere thanks to all who have supported. Many donations have come from pensioners willing to share their weekly income. Their letters are so moving and full of joy that the Catholic Church in China for which they prayed constantly over the years of hardship is alive and active again. Many other lay people give generously through standing orders small and large and through periodic donation. We receive financial support from Religious and Missionary groups and are particularly thankful to the Columban Missionaries for their generous support. A number of parishes throughout the country have invited us to preach at Sunday Masses and offer a collection. We greatly appreciate this opportunity and will welcome invitations from other parishes.



Prayer for the peole of China is a most important contribution to our mission.  Many of the people in China who suffered in the past will say that the prayers of the universal Church sustained them


As the Catholic Church in China begins to stand tall again, we wish to continue our partnership with it. (See tab partnership) It is a privilege for us to be in touch with a People of God which as suffered so much and has so much to offer to the universal Catholic Church and to Christianity world wide. We wish to continue to support their efforts at Proclaiming the Gospel in China where so many at this time are struggling for meaning in such a rapidly changing society.



If you have NEW ideas for ‘building bridges’ with the Church in China, please get in touch with us through the ‘contact us’ page. We welcome such input. We will also welcome new ideas or approaches to increase our income as the needs coming to us are far greater than we are able to respond to at this time.


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