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Welcome to China Church Solidarity Website

  This website is in a transition process

from November 2018 to February 2019




China Church Solidarity (CCS) Website replaces the Culture Exchange with China (CEC) Website


The reason for this change is that CEC, as a registered charity, is closing down by February 2019.


China Church Solidarity as an organization and its website is under the direction of Fr Eamonn O'Brien ssc, who first visited in China in 1979 and has been systemically working with the China Church since 2000.


China Church Solidarity will continue to build bridges between the Catholic Churches of Britain and China, as did CEC Website in the past.   


The CCS Website will contiue to publish similar materials as did the CEC website in the past, e.g.  monthly updates on China and the Catholic Church in China, and the Teaching in China programme of the Columban's Missionaries.


It will also seek support for worthy projects in China which facilitates the resurrection of the Catholic Church there and its mission to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Chrst


The CCS website will continue to publicize CEC activties till February 2019, especially the CEC AGM, Saturday , february 2nd , 2019.i


If you wish to be part of this mission and to be in Solidarity with the Catholic Church in China, please continue to visit our CCS website or contact me.


Fr Eamonn O'Brien ssc




Saturday 2nd February 2019

St Aloysius Church   20 Phoenix Road,   Kings Cross,  London,  NW1 1TA




NEW: November Updates, please click the colour link below:


Ann Milner, now coordinates our Teachers for China programme, taught in China for 3 years.

For Information:

Please click to see her pictures  and postcards from China.




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A useful survey of Government, politics, Foreign Affairs, Religion, Society and many other topics China related.






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An interview by Fr Eamonn O'Brien, Director, on the work of Cultural Exchange with China.

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